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Jon Ramsey spoke to Gambling Online Magazine about the Winward Casino. His first answers about the Casino were what Winward Casino does for its players that is different from other casinos. His answer is interesting and points out why Winward is not just your average online casino. We sent every player a box of chocolates for Valentines Day.

Winward Casino has been in business since 1998 and has made every effort to stay on the cutting edge of a casino operation. The site has java, wireless, full download and flash. There is no way left for a player to get the casino so they can play. We want all of our players to feel like they are VIPs. Our casino philosophy is that the players will be treated like they are important to us and therefore all of our players are VIPs no matter what kind of deposits that they have made.

For Valentine's Day we sent all players a box of chocolates. We did it for Valentine's Day since most people do not get a gift on that day. Birthdays and Christmas are obvious days to do this. We felt that our customers would like this since it appears to be from the heart. That is what we wanted them to think so that is why we tried this different approach to giving a thank you gift. We want our players to experience the unexpected where we are concerned,

Our contact with our players is superb and we provide comps and bonuses that are not common for online casinos. We have given away plasma TV's as an example of our promos. Another idea that we took from live casinos is this, we have 30 VIP hosts that are assigned to VIP players of a certain level of play. Some of our host come from the live casinos and know this game from A to Z. They know that bigger players expect to be treated exceptionally well as their play is important to the casino. A player that gets this kind of treatment could receive a night on the town in their own city, such as dinner at a fine dining place, a limo and maybe a show. This would be arranged and paid for by the casino. This idea is not common to any online casinos that are now online that this writer knows about. We try to take care of our VIPs like live casinos due in person. This is not the standard by any stretch of the imagination for any online casino that now is online. Winward strives to be remarkably different than any of our competitors.

Any player that has played with us for three months is considered by us to be a VIP. Not all players can be gamblers of thousands and thousands of dollars. We know and understand that as a fact about gaming. A player that has been online for three months and gambles $500 is a VIP in our eyes. We want the consistent gamblers to be online with us.The technologies that we have incorporated for our diverse player base makes our online casino available no matter where a player plays from. They can play from home on a down loaded version of our site and then go to a coffee house and play on a wireless version with assurance that they have the privacy that is so important. I wanted to make the site open no matter where the customers chose to play from. This was just a personal preference of mine. Because we were a java based site initially we have a number of players that use java or Flash. We have created an online casino for every player no matter how or where they play from.

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