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Golden Palace and Space

Golden Palace and Space

Golden Palace announced a first for online casinos with the announcement that they were going to be a participant in the Ansari X Prize $10,000,000 for the team that finances, builds and launches a spaceship. The ship must reach 62.5 miles from earth and return safely. The other requirement is that it carries three people in the ship and upon return launch the same ship within two weeks. The ship will have the Golden Palace brand on the ship, with great hopes that this mission in successful. The Ansari X Prize hopes to promote Space tourism among rocket experts and talented entrepreneurs.

This opportunity would advance Golden Palace as an online casino of some note among all of the casinos that are online. Golden Palace has shown in the past that it can be one of the first since it went online in 1997. If this is pulled off it will go down in history as an event that merits study by students in future schools. This event is of enough importance that it would be studied along with going to the moon.

Golden Palace was one of the early online casinos that started the huge growth of online gaming. The historical president would be the growth of Las Vega from a small desert stop to what it has become in the last seventy years. The team leader for Golden Palace has already committed to bringing a laptop on the first blast off so his Team can play casino games at the online site for Golden Palace.

Richard Rowe, the founder and CEO of Golden Palace states that they hope to have the capability of giving their players junkets into space. If the space idea is pulled off, the casino hopes to establish a casino in space. If or when this comes to pass, our casino will truly see action that is out of this world.

Golden Palace main competitor in this venture is Microsoft's co-founder Paul Allen who is a billionaire. His team called Scaled Composites, has a much larger mission in mind. The working members of the Golden Palace team are a dedicated group of specialized volunteers. Golden Palace is rightfully excited by their possible success in this mater. Rowe states that the team is superb and their hope is that this opportunity comes to pass and will validate the committed 150,000 hours of the team. This contest will benefit the country if it comes to pass no matter who ends up winning the competition. Obviously his hopes are for the success to come to the Wild Fire space ship.

A side story to this competition is the interesting idea of taking the ball that won the match over England on the trip and making it the first football in space. The casino plans to take the ball on a charity road trip and let the public try to win in a shootout style.

It is always important to be on the cutting edge, said Rowe. We strive to do that in every thing we do, including gaming, marketing or technology. Rowe has this dream of doing this space flight and making his casino the first to operate from space. The Beckham Ball is just another way of getting publicity about what we are doing. We want the public to see and understand what we are all about with this spaceflight The Beckham ball is just away of letting the casino players know about this mission. Rowe said tongue in cheek maybe sometime in the future a streaker will make history by being the first streaker in space.

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