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Here is a final preview of the Champions League games. This preview is provided by Sporting Index as a special service to their clients and to get new betters with their one time 200 Football Bet for New Clients.

Champions League preview starts with Arsenal vs Barcelona to be played on the 17th of May. Arsenal goes into the finals as an underdog. The prediction by Sporting Index is that Barcelona is a favorite by 0.5 to 0.7 goals to win. The total points to be scored is predicated to be 2.2 to 2.4 total goals. The match is predicted to be off to a slow and cagey start, but an early goal would change that quickly and make the match far more exciting as both teams are attacking teams. Both teams are able to start their best eleven and that also means their will be a great deal of talent on the field of play. One of the special bets that betters may like is the Player Goal Minutes. Eto'o is priced at 23 to 26 minutes, Ronaldinho at 20 to 23 and Henry at 17 to 20 minutes. Sporting seems to see a clean game with only three to four yellow cards. The one ref, Terje Hauge from Norway, does seem to be more lenient than the other refs. However he did send Del Horno out when Barcelona beat Chelsea. He will reach in his pocket if he sees something that he thinks is flagrant. Check out Sporting Index to see the special bets or to apply for a new account.

Sporting Index is a reputable booking agency for sports bets. They also provide evaluations of what they feel may happen in an upcoming event. This is helpful to betters and makes analysis of the game work out a little better as known facts are readily revealed by the book.

New accounts at this sports book are given very nice spiffs for opening an account. Any sports better would be wise to check out this online book to see what they are all about. It costs nothing to look.

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