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Erick Lindgren

Erick Lindgren

Erick Lindgren has a well-established image as an excellent professional poker player. It is not surprising that he won the Full Tilt Pro Poker Showdown at the Red Rock Casino. The final table included a who's who of professional poker players. The list also had pros, Phil Ivey, Chris Ferguson, John Juanda, Erick Seidel and Clorie Gowen. When the dust settled the two left at the table were Erick Lindgren and Mike Matusow. It had taken four hours to eliminate the other players and it took only one hand for Erick to beat Mike's hand of an Ace Jack with his Ace King. Lindgren pocketed $600,000 for the win and Mike came away with $280,000 for the second place finish. Each pro had put up the entry fee of $120,000 to play in the tournament.

This tournament follows other large prize tournaments that Full tilt has run for the TV audience. They have held two others, one from the Wynn Las Vegas and one from Monaco that was an Invitational tournament.

Howard Lederer commented on Lindgren's win by saying that Erick had played beautifully and was deserving of the win. Lederer was one of the commentators for the televised tournament.

Lindgren has won many tournaments in his career as a professional poker player. This win is just another of many that he has won already and will win in the future. One of Lindgren's characteristics when playing that is very helpful to his play is a level disposition no matter what is happening in the game. His steady demeanor seems to be part of his makeup that many other players would be wise to emulate. His ready smile and pleasing table presence belie a strong desire to win, but he holds his emotions in check to this observer. Other winning players seem to be able to control their feelings at all times during a game. Erick has this quality that is so hard to keep when a player gets a really bad beat. One could almost suggest that is the sign of a winning poker player and not an emotional elevator.

This site has captured some of the best poker players in the world as spokesmen and their professional stable of players is now at 43 professionals. This group of players represents a huge number of tournament wins and WSOP bracelets. The pros spend several hours a week on the site helping amateur players improve their game via live chat and live play.

FullTilt Poker is one of the fastest growing poker sites on the Internet. Having these poker stars online each week is attractive to both new and existing players.

FullTilt has a reputation for excellent care of their players, setting solid games to be played and a range of tournament prizes that are within the ability of many players to afford the entry fee. This idea of taking care of the player base makes sense, as a loyal base is easier to grow the player count from than one that loses players every month.

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