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Albert Einstein Gambling

Albert Einstein Gambling

Many mathematicians are fascinated by gambling, specifically the odds of winning at any form of gaming. Albert Einstein stated that you cannot beat roulette by playing the game; the only way to get money from the game is to steal.

His statement is definitely a true one as the house edge in a double zero game is a healthy 5.26%. If you must play the game, stick with the single zero game as the house edge there in about 2%

Einstein did give a tongue in cheek system to play this elegant game. Double up after each loss. Of course this is a recipe for disaster for any player that tried this system. This kind of advice from a person with his prestige is known as truth by authority. Of course any gambler of any merit would never suggest such a system for roulette.

With his contentious fight with other physicist during his lifetime about his ideas, he once stated he would rather be an employee in a casino than a renowned physicist. He was so disturbed by the statements other physicist made about his concepts that he sent a stand in to a lecture in 1922. Some of the more flagrant jabs at his theories got him so upset that he repeated the idea of being a shoemaker or a casino employee that a physicist. Anther quote that brings in gambling is his God doesn't play dice. This statement had to do with some of the ideas in quantum theory that not all areas could be exact and some of the theory held that there were areas of probable and not a guarantee like 2+2 = 4.

This idea disturbed Einstein, who believed that all physics could be broken into parts that were sure things to happen like the probabilities in dice. There are only 36 possibilities in any roll of the dice. There is no room for any other outcome in the game. He did not like the theory in Quantum that out comes could be left up to complete chance and not within an absolute range of outcomes. The point that Einstein professed was all outcomes are predictable and are not able to have an outcome outside of what is able to happen. Like the dice roll there are only 36 ways the dice can end up at the end of a roll.

His great question about life is one that makes a person face a truth for himself or herself. Einstein stated that there were two ways to look at life. Every thing that happened was a miracle and every thing that happened was not a miracle. He did not state flatly what he believed life is, as he was filled with imponderables about almost all subjects related to God or the Universe. His attraction to gaming was one of intellectual curiosity and not that of a convinced gambler.

An interesting conclusion on Einstein is the great number of quotes that are attributed to him about all manner of topics. People knew he was a genius in his chosen field and assumed he would know answers in other areas of life. The quote that hung in his office should suffice in what he truly believed. Not every thing that counts can be counted and not everything that is counted counts. This quote shows that he had a mistrust of what was considered important and the firm statements that others of renown made when asked about a topic. His references to casinos in many of his quotes shows that he had an intellectual interest in this human pursuit, but did not believe there was any way to be sure of winning.

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