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Bingo Boogie had its second big jackpot winner. The lady, Angela E or Goalshooter, has been a player on the site since January. She won 10,700 after only spending 4. Like many big winners, Angela was at a loss for words just after she realized the amount that she had just won. To say the least, she was thrilled beyond words.

Bingo Boogie is enjoying a rush of new players due to their website, friendly Chat Monitors and the games that they are offering throughout the week. There are many games with lesser jackpots, but the smaller jackpots are large enough to make the winner happy. This site place well in the bingo world in 2005 and has continued to be popular with many players. The site has a funky appeal and very good chat rooms with very friendly chat room Monitors. The site offers both 75-ball and 90-ball games for their players' enjoyment. In fact the entire site is really dedicated to their loyal and growing customer base. Any new player can get a matching bonus on their first deposit up to 200.

The jackpot that Angela won restarts at a cool 2,500. The Bingo Boogie spokesman was very pleased that a player knocked off this significant jackpot as the site knows that being able to brag about a win like this attracts more players.

The site has 24/7 Live Chat, many bingo rooms and Chat rooms for those players that like to socialize while playing bingo. The TLC this site exhibits toward its player base must be one of the reasons that players keep coming back to play time and again. A winner like Angela will do wonders for the site when the news is spread around a little on the Net and via players that play here and elsewhere.

The site could use another big time winner to push stories about in the bingo news sites and the word of mouth that follows a big win. Players like to hear these stories, as they can then imagine their own big win.

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