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No Average Joe

No Average Joe

With Joe Gibbs back at Washington, maybe the team will be worth a few bets this season. His approach to offense is not showy, but it puts the numbers on the scoreboard and helps the defense by keeping them on the bench for restful periods of time. Offenses should be measured by the points per possession and length of time per possession. Joe Gibbs is a master at keeping the ball for long possessions and scoring when holding the ball. He does not use gimmicks, he uses old fashion football to win his games. He is not exactly 4 yards and a cloud of dust, but he is likely to stir up a lot of dust when his team in on the field with their offense and the defense is resting on the bench.

Gibbs is superior in several areas, one he does not let his offense be a feast of famine offense with a power passing game. His offense is all about ball control and time of possession. He will not score a ton of points, but he will keep the ball and the other team has less time to score.

We are anticipating the coming Joe Gibbs season and will be looking to see that he is using his tried and true methods of winning games. His starters will play more in the pre-season games to insure that they know his system when the games count. Watch for this. When a coach states that they are going to mix in some new plays, the opponents are not likely to change anything as the pre-season games are not about winning per se, but about evaluations of the players. If this pre-season analysis is correct, the Redskins could prove to be a pre-season bonanza. The Redskins should getoff to a quick start with the 17 veterans that were acquired by free agency and trades, there is new life. The team vets have bought into the ideas and do not think they will win, but they are convinced they will win. This attitude could be a money maker for betters that buy into the changes that the Redskins have made. A new coach with a winning formula and veteran players that believe in the coaches ideas is a powerful force toward a winning team. Let the season tell the tale, but do not be surprised if the Redskin games are a cash cow.

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