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Top Gambling Stories of October

Top Gambling Stories of October

Top Gambling Stories of October I

BetCris is an online sports betting site that gives full odds and promos that are not found elsewhere. One of their promos was whether Bill Clinton would do another interview on FOX again. The odds ranged from 4 to 1 on another interview in 91 to 120 days to even money after 180 days. The first interview became very combative and for this reason the CEO of BetCris, Mickey Richardson believes there will not be another interview. The reason the interview became combative was the questions about why Clinton had not done more about Bin Laden and Al Queda. Clinton felt he was sand bagged and was the victim of a conservative hit job. This bru-ha-ha was brought about by these questions and prompted the odd wager that this site is now offering. Even though Richardson does not believe that Clinton will do another interview, he says he would like to see another interview.

Top Gambling Stories of October II

BetCris promotions to attract players are very good for a sports book. They will pay a matching bonus of up to 25% of the sign up bonus. Further deposits can receive up to a 10% bonus. A referral will get you a 10% referral fee. Some months they give double on the loyalty points. A deposit of $2,000 will be rewarded with a pager.

This site is consistent in giving special bonuses, seasonal bonuses and special gaming pomos to customer of the site. The promotions are listed on the site and can be obtained via phone as well. The free phone is the following 1-866-238-2747 which will connect you with a customer rep.

Top Gambling Stories of October III

October is all about Poker Fest freeroll. Every Sunday in October, the site is offering five special freeroll poker events. The first place winner will be awarded a $5,200 Poker Classic Entry.

The Poker Classic has guaranteed prize pool of $5 million and a minimum of at least one million to the final winner. This poker tournament will be the largest prize for a tournament that is based to an online poker room. The final 45 will be flown into Barcelona, Spain for face -to -face battle at a televised live table. These 45 finalist will get VIP treatment in deluxe accommodations.

There will be five winners from these special tournaments and another 50 will receive $50,000 in free plays in the sports book and also free Blackjack tournament entries.

Top Gambling Stories of October IV

October Fest Blackjack Tournament will start on October 11th

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