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BT Hypes UK Gambling

BT or British Telecom showed up at the Las Vegas summit on Gaming Technology to draw attention to the investment opportunities in post Gambling Bill Britain. This two day conference was held at the Green Valley Ranch to address the critical aspects of technology in casino hotels.

BT, one of the sponsors, was also pushing online and wireless answers from the technologies that could be important in the relaxation of UK gambling legislation. BT's vice president, John Campbell, addressed the wireless conference about Wireless Local Area Networks and Bluetooth and how these could be used in gaming as it grew. Campbell stated that these are exciting times in the UK gaming world where two thirds of the adult population are involved in gaming of some sort. The UK relaxation of the gaming industry makes the UK an opportunity for companies like ours. The fact that BT was a sponsor shows how serious they take this growing business opportunity.

The company's mission is to gain an important footprint in this developing growth area in the UK. BT is all about finding solutions to a company's needs and using their technologies to provide the answer. The continued growth of the gaming industry makes this market a potentially profitable area for companies like BT to provide new answers and solutions to the problems that this growth carries with it. The online gaming industry is filled with areas that will be excellent for technology solutions, which BT is able to supply with newer answers than what has been available in the past.

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