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Rule changes in any sport that is a betting vehicle should be studied for the pluses and minuses the rule will bring to the sports better. In the past the rule changes in basketball and the ability of younger players to jump to the pros changed the way basketball conferences were rated. Star players leaving a big time school could change their season for the worse without any other factors being taken into account. The latest change in rules for the NFL about defensive backs not being able to bump the receivers on the other team after the receiver has passed five yards from the line of scrimmage will take some getting use to by the players and the officials.

During the exhibition season this rule will be heavily enforced to make an impression on the players. It will also make passing teams more aggressive as the rule will be beneficial to them and less or no benefit to running teams. The passing team will benefit from the enforcement of this rule and that could make difference at the end of a game final score.

During the exhibition season the teams up against passing teams will have to implement the rule seriously or they will be constantly flagged for a violation. This baptism by fire is the way coaches train their players to play under a new rule. Coaches will be willing to forgo a winning exhibition season in order to learn how to play under this rule and to push how it will be actually enforced. The gain of learning could make a difference in the way teams fare in the real season. Height mismatches by wide receivers will be another consideration when looking at how a passing team will do in the real season. Smaller defensive backs are going to be forced to make adjustments in how they play with the no-bump rule after five yards. Very quick receivers will have an advantage if they can get away from the line of scrimmage with out a bump. The defensive back may not be able to recover and catch up after missing a bump on the receiver. Passing offenses will push their perceived advantage to see how it works out in a real game even if it is an exhibition game.

Most experts believe this will hurt the Patriots negatively, as one other player with the Raiders said the Patriots will do anything to stop a receiver. The fans are going to dislike the flags if the offenders are their team. Teams like Indianapolis will benefit as they are a finesse offense. The league is serious about the rule and they are going to enforce it. There will be a lot more penalties, this will swing like a pendulum as the officials and the players get use to the rule. Also the rules committee will be looking to fine tooth the rule if it hurts the game as played. The rule committee will watch the weekly results to see if the game is being adversely affected both defensively and offensively. The bookies will be looking for an abnormal number of overs games as the offenses will be able to score more in a game. This rule change could be a catalyst to many games being scoring bonanzas and the bookies are worried that the post seasons games will be even more adversely affected by this rule. They worry that the officials will be stressing this rule to the detriment of defenses. This makes betting on these games a little more risky than normal, but gamblers are far from being risk adverse.

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