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American Idol strikes telebettors and the phone system voting system they are using can not handle the traffic the show is generating. This successful show has people glued to their TVs and they are finding out that they cannot vote for the person they want to win as the phone system cannot handle the traffic these avid viewers are dialing. This means that the count the show is using to determine winners is not accurate and is missing potentially millions of votes for entertainers on the show.

This problem could begin to affect Internet Gambling sites as they can be the victims of a similar outage. If people with the knowledge wanted to jam a certain site or keep people from voting this could definitely present a problem that is not easily stopped. One of the proposed answers is that the viewers of Idol should register and get pin numbers to they can only vote once. The problem for the show is this, if the winners of the show are seen to be not the true winners and the phone system is problematic, show viewers will lose an incentive to vote and then lose a reason to watch the show.

The voting process is watched by an independent body and the claim is they make it as fair and honest as they can without going to a more complicated phone voting method. However there are those that think that this voting problem will not cease and viewers will become frustrated and lose their tolerance due to not being able to vote for the person they feel should win. If this happens in mass the show will lose its power to draw viewers. And fewer viewers will mean people will be less inclined to buy records.

Many experts claimed La Toya London was the best singer on Idol 3. However a snow storm and a loss of TV signal probably lost her votes and she lost even though many thought she should have won.

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