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2004 WSOP

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2004 WSOP Day I

This report is about the WSOP from day 1 through day 9. This is how his report read about how his WSOP events went from the first day. I looked around at Binion's Horseshoe which was under new ownership and their first WSOP. What really hit me was the fact that the America had become Poker crazed. Proof was in the 343 players has paid $25,000 to play an event at the Bellagio. Not only that but in the satellite room 23 or 24 tables were running where there used to be only 3 or 4. These tables were being filled with an assembly of new players hoping to get a ticket to a big tournament by winning one of the many satellite games.

All I could think of was God bless America and the TV shows of the WPT and the fact that Chris Moneymaker had proven that anyone could win the main event. This is heaven on earth for any poker player.

I got lucky and won a seat for the $2,000 NL Hold em in a one table satellite event. My luck head out when I slow played pocket kings, tripled up and then outlasted the rest of the table to gain a seat for the NHL event at a cost of only $230. I got to play on day 2 and lasted only 28 minutes and some players had not even taken their seats yet. One of those Internet players busted me out I played all of my chips on an ACE King and was called by a pair of Jacks that held up to eliminate me. Neither hand warranted the amount bet on them, but that is way the Internet has changed the game. One advantage of the early out was I could now play in the Super Satellite at 3 pm. Talk about luck, I drew to a 3,4 of clubs and the flop came Ace, 2, 5. I snagged one player who made trip sevens and we went on betting until all of our chips were in the center of the table. Needless to say he was a little agitated when I showed my hand. With that one big win I coasted to a seat in the $10,000 entry in the main event.

So I was unlucky and then followed by a great deal of luck.

2004 WSOP Day 3

One thing that I noticed is these satellites are going to add 700 players to the main event. This will go along with the 700 players that won entry through the Internet satellites. The main event may crack 2000 entries this year.

2004 WSOP Day 6

I thought I was going to do well in PL Hold em until after I busted out Johnny Chan, but then busted out myself just before the dinner break.

2004 WSOP Day 7

This tournament was so well received that it took 600 runners to handle the rebuys in the $1000 NLH. My luck held out fairly well until 3:20 in the morning when I busted out on a missed straight draw. It was good enough to finish 15th.

2004 WSOP Day 8 & 9

I get into $2000 PL Omaha and luck stays with me until there is just me and Robert Williamson. In the televised final table Robert puts the wood to me and he wins the tournament. The hand that busted me out is a reminder of the luck that one must have to win one of these tournaments. My final hand is a flush and Robert makes a better hand with four aces. That is one bad beat in anyones eyes.

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