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Enjoy Free Hong Kong Mahjong Online

Hong Kong Mahjong is a Flash-based game available online. The game is powered by ItsMahjong.com. You do not need special software to access the game. When the game loads in your Internet browser, an animated screen appears and prompts you to click anywhere to proceed with a game. Once you click anywhere on the screen, the game's menu loads. Three buttons appear including start, options, and rules.

The options button allows you to control the sound effects. When you start a game, you will see a table with a variety of Mahjong tiles in front of you. Along the upper edge of the game screen, you can see your current position and the amount of funds you have. Along the right side of the game are mouse driven controls for turning the sound on and off, accessing game rules, and changing the view of the Mahjong table.

When you are playing Hong Kong Mahjong, the game will end if you end up losing all of your money. You will be playing against three virtual players. You and the other players get 13 Mahjong tiles a piece. Movement in the game is counterclockwise and begins with the dealer. Every player must draw and discard a Mahjong tile during a turn. The draw sequence can be changed, rearranged, or ceased by the “bid of the 'Tse'” otherwise identified as Kang, Peng, and Chi. When a player declares “Hu,” the game concludes. A player can declare “Hu” once they create the Four Triplet, One Pair pattern.

The game has 136 tiles in all, with four tiles of every tile type. Kang is when you get four same suit tiles. Peng is three same suit tiles. Chi is non dragon or wind suits – Chi is a sequence of numbered tiles, one of each color. Hong Kong Mahjong is a game ideal for adept players since the game is a complex variant of traditional Mahjong. Suits include Green Bamboo, Red Money, Blue Circles, Wins, and Dragons. The Seasons and Flowers tiles have been eliminated to lend to the game's greater complexity.

Hong Kong Mahjong's complexity and beautiful graphic renderings make it a coveted game. The tiles are large, colorful, and visually pleasing. The background music in the game lends to greater game immersion.

You can play Hong Kong Mahjong free at Y8.com. You can also play the game free at PuffGames.com.