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Free Fair Tycoon Features A Fun Amusement Park Theme

Fair Tycoon is an exciting virtual slot game that is part of the Win-A-Day proprietary software platform. Fair Tycoon has 17 paylines and you can bet between $0.05 and $68.00 per spin. The game has a progressive jackpot and a bonus game. The game features a theme based on an Amusement park. As the game loads on the screen, you will see a roller coaster track and the name of the game in the middle of the screen. This same roller coaster track appears above the reels when the game loads. Above the roller coaster car you will see a marquee that reads, “Build a fairground.”

You can hear the screams of delighted people as they enjoy rides in an Amusement park. Upbeat, fast paced music also plays in the background. At the bottom of the reels is another ride – a train. The parts of the train make up some of the game controls. You can click on one car to increase or decrease paylines. You can click on other cars to bet or spin. The game has four premium attractions you must collect to use them in the Fair Tycoon bonus game.

The goal of the game is to have fun while building a virtual fair of your own. The premium items you can win include two different types of Ferris wheels, a banana themed ride, and a roller coaster. You can also purchase attractions with fair credits that you earn. There are 13 attractions you can buy. If you hover your mouse over the attraction, it reveals how many fair credits you must use to purchase the attraction in question. This game allows you to win a variety of virtual awards including recognition, cash, and investments.

If you gain 20,000 fair credits during game play, you can enter into the premium bonus round. Once you have accessed the bonus round for the first time, you will have permanent access to the game any time you choose. In the bonus round, you must make a fairground that makes a specific number of fair visitors happy. This game has exceptional 3D graphics. The theme draws you in and allows for full game immersion – the symbols are reminiscent of images and things you might see or experience at a real local fair.

You can play Fair Tycoon slots free at WinADay Casino. The game is also available free at TopFreeSlots.com.