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Play Mah Jong Medley Free With This Download

You can play Mah Jong Medley free by accessing the free download created by GameHouse Inc. The game offers the player access to more than 300 different types of layouts. When the game is downloaded it takes 1 minute and 52 seconds. The file is 33.2MB in size. When you execute the program a loading bar will indicate how long it takes for the installation wizard to appear. The game comes with five tile sets and four different game modes. The official release date of this game was September 30, 2004.

Windows Compatible Gaming, With Potential Upgrade Options

The current version of Mah Jong Medley is the 1.3.2 version; this game is compatible with Windows Operating systems including Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 systems. On Yahoo! Games players can download a free trial of the game to play the game for one hour before having to pay the $6.95 fee for the game. This game allows you to save your progress when you play.

Know The Computer Specs You Will Need To Play

You will need an SVGA graphics card in your computer for the game to operate correctly. You will also need 32MB of RAM and a 233 MHzPentium or equivalent processor. You can download the game at Yahoo! Games by visiting: http://games.yahoo.com/game/mah-jong-medley-download.html. The game is alternatively available on Playfin.net at: http://games.playfin.net/multigames/lp1/index_moregames.php.

Enjoy Increasing Challenges And Solitaire Modes Too

When you play Mah Jong Medley free for free you will find the game increasingly challenging. The game has a classic mode that lets you play the game just like Mah John Solitaire. Players can also opt for the Ten mode in the game where they attempt to choose tiles that are equivalent to the number ten.

You Just Might Get Addicted to Mah Jong Medley

There is an Addiction mode where players are challenged to change the layout of the tiles so that they appear in numerical order. The game also comes with a Free Cell mode so that the player can move two tiles in an upward direction so they are in a reserve area and out of the way. To find out more about games by GameHouse Inc you can visit the developer’s website at: http://www.gamehouse.com/. Mah Jong Medley is our favorite title at the moment from this developer, and we bet you’ll love it as well.