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We Hope You Enjoyed Our 2011 Blog

We have done our best to research and search the internet for the best online casino information available to you. We’ve shared information based on specific games like roulette, poker, bingo and slots, but we have also strived to share reviews of casinos we enjoy playing at, as well as those that we think need a bit of improvement. When important gambling news and legislature comes up we share that with you too. We plan to continue with the same faithful publishing of the best online casino news we can offer you in 2012.

Our 2012 Publishing Schedule

If you’re a loyal reader you know that we keep to a three times a week publishing schedule. If you’re new, this might be news to you. We publish our blog three times each week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We don’t take time off for holidays or vacations. We are dedicated to bringing you the best casino information each and every week of the year. All of our posts go live at 12:00 so that you know when the latest information will be available.

New Year Resolution For 2012

In 2012 we will continue to bring you all the great free casino money content and information on new games, casinos and promotions on the web. To help you navigate our blog easier each post will include tags just like they did in 2011. When you click on a tag beneath a post you will find that it will take you to all posts with that tag, so you can easily find all the information we have available about a particular online gambling venue, casino or bingo hall with a quick mouse click. This will let you see what new games have been added in 2012, allow you to take advantage of current online casino promotions, and give you an idea of how our view of each site evolves and changes as the year goes by.

Navigating Our Archives

Tags help you to navigate the archives. You can also click on a past year, and then a month to be taken to posts. Searching the archives is possible as well. We keep all our posts on the server so you can have access to past blog posts and all the good casino information that we have to offer. We also try to make it easy to get around.