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Play Table Games At 7 Sultans

Do you want the opportunity to get €1000 to play casino table games with? If so you need to head to the 7 Sultans online casino and become a new player. If you love bingo playing online and other games you will be in the right place.

Register For Your Bonus Action Today

Every person who signs up to this website as a new player will be able to get a triple bonus that will give you more money to wager. The first of the three bonuses is a100% cash match up to €500, next is a cash match of 25% up to €125 and lastly there is a cash match of 50% up to €375.

It’s Not Just Bingo It’s Casino Gaming

Many online bingo fans will try out casino games as they are a fun alternative to playing bingo. A lot of these games take much less time to play than a game of bingo, so it is possible to play a table game or two in between rounds of bingo. Another reason that table games are so enjoyable is the large cash amounts that can be won on them. So if you are interested in boosting your winnings on the spin of a wheel or a hand of cards this is the way to do it.

Blackjack Fans Will Love Seven Sultans

One of the most well loved games at 7 Sultans is blackjack. Playing this game is really straightforward as soon as you have played it a couple of times. What is made even easier is that the website will add up the numbers on the cards for you, so you don’t have to do this yourself. The only thing you have to do is keep your nerve while you are playing and see if you can get to the sum of 21.

Craps Games For Any Level Player

Craps is another of the hugely popular table games that can be found at 7 Sultans. If you are a bingo regular you might not have tried out this game before, and you should. You will find that this game is so exciting to play and you will be able to play using the bonus money that you have received. In fact why not try out any of the table games using this bonus money and you be playing for free.