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There is a brand new poker application for the iPhone and iPod Touch called the Pro Poker Log.  This new application will allow players to analyze their poker play in more detail than ever before.  This new application comes courtesy of an American firm called Deep Powder Software.

The Pro Poker Log application will allow its users to record and analyze their previous poker games along with tracking and organising their playing times.  This new poker application will also track and organize location, blinds, rakes and tournament fees.  If that’s not enough, this new poker application will also track the amount of money that you win or lose.

When using this new poker application a player will be able to look at a graph which will show them their progress over a specific period of time and they can also have the statistics emailed to themselves so that they can review them at a later time.  The results are also automatically saved when your device is synchronized with iTunes.

When asked about his new application owner of Deep Powder Software Gordon Craig said that he realised that the only way to become a winning poker player and make any money was to keep a log of his wins, losses and notes from every game.  This way it is easy to analyse how you play and constantly learn from your own style.  It sounds like an amazing application and one that really does make sense.  How often do you play online poker games?  How many times do you win or lose?  How much do you win or lose?  What strategies do you use?  You probably can’t even answer these questions especially not for a specific period of time anyway.  With the new Pro Poker Log application these questions will be a breeze and you will also be able to improve your poker skills.

There is a tutorial page for this new application and it is very simple to use.  If you are a poker player and you want to keep track and improve your game play then this application could be just the think you have been looking for.

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There is a brand new online bingo website set to hit the internet on Boxing Day.  This new online bingo website will be called Tea and Bingo and it is geared towards the British public who are very fond of both of these items.

This new online bingo website will be using Virtue Fusion software and there marketing plans include launching a series of TV adverts in a bid to attract new online bingo players.  A lot of online bingo websites have gone down the route of TV advertising this year and it looks like the management of Tea and Bingo have certainly done their homework when it comes to marketing that works.

Virtue Fusion are providing this new online bingo website with award winning software so it means that the owners of this new online bingo website won’t have to worry about that end of things and they can concentrate on building their community and online presence.  Virtue Fusion are delighted to be working with the new Tea and Bingo website and they have stated that they are looking forward to building a successful relationship with them.

According to a spokesperson for Tea and Bingo their new online bingo website will be unique and their TV adverts will focus on this.

The owners of Tea and Bingo are Digital Prophets and they are also behind the popular Bingo Base website too.  There will be plenty to look forward to when this new online bingo website launches and I’m sure there will be some great opening promotions and online bingo bonuses too.  I haven’t yet read what online bingo games they will be hosting but I am assuming that they will have 75 ball and 90 ball bingo games along with other popular features such as chat rooms and side games.

This new online bingo website launches on the 26th of December and once it is live I will visit and give you are more complete review which will include details of their games schedule and the bonuses and promotions that they will be offering.  If you are a fan of online bingo games then this could be the online bingo website for you.

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The Virtual Casino is another online gambling website and they have just announced the launch of three brand new slots games on their website.  This is not the only thing that this online casino has been working on lately and they are also working on implementing new technology on their website which will allow their players to play all their games without having to download any software.  This is a great move especially when you consider that fact that the majority of players now prefer to play online casino games from their browser.

The three new slots games that have been introduced on The Virtual Casino are Santa Strikes Back, Naughty or Nice and Aztec’s Treasure.  All three are popular slots games and they are set to be a huge success.

Santa Strikes back is a slots game with a touch of humour added and it sees Santa trying to get revenge on Rudolph and it is perfect for this time of year.  The next slots title is Naughty Or Nice and it is all about finding out whether you have been naughty or nice this year and it features some sexy assistants to help you out too.  There is a great Christmas jackpot included in this slots game too.

The third slots game to be added is Aztec’s Treasure Feature Guarantee.  This is an upgraded version of the popular original version and it features a great twist.  This new slots game has a bonus meter that counts down the number of spins until the feature guaranteed is triggered.

These new slots games are set to be very popular with their online players.  The new upgrade for this online casino is set to happy early next year and this will see the implementation of the web play option so players will no longer have to download software to play these great online casino games.  It is hoped that with the new upgrade The Virtual Casino will be able to attract a great deal more players to their online casino and I have to admit that I personally prefer being able to play online casino games without having to download software first.  What do you think?  Do you prefer this method too?

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Bet Stone have released two brand new slots games for the Christmas season. Both of these games are based on the Bet Stone’s server based gaming platform and they are available for immediate deployment to operators and distributors around the world. These new games can be seen on the Bet Stone website.

The first of the two new slots games is called Santa Paws. This is a five reel 20 pay line slots game and it features festive music and an animated top screen that features Santa. This new title provides some great interaction and the Santa Paws symbol is the wild symbol and this substitutes all other symbols except for the penguin which is the scatter symbol. If you get three, four or five penguins you activate the game’s free spin feature which can give you up to twelve free spins with a seven times multiplier. The Rudolf symbol is an extra wild symbol that you can get during the free spins feature. This slots game is excellent and the gamble feature can double or quadruple any win you might have.

The second slots game to be released by Bet Stone is called Ho Ho Ho and this is another 5 reel slots game with 30 pay lines. This games features all the holiday symbols you would expect to see including turkeys, puddings, Christmas trees and more. Santa Claus is the wild symbol and this substitutes all other symbols except the wrapped gifts which is the scatter symbol. The wild symbol will activate the free spins bonus round where you get 20 free spins. If you get three, four or five scatter symbols during the free spins bonus round can get double all their wins.

Both of these new slots games sound really exciting and should be very popular on online casino website especially at this time of the year when everyone is getting into the festive spirit. These new slots games also allow players to win large jackpot amounts too. These games will also appeal to players anywhere in the world and they allow casino operators to roll out dynamic content for their players. You can find out all the details by visiting the Bet Stone website.

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Gamble Wisely

123 Bingo a popular online bingo website have launched a very special Christmas promotion on their online bingo website. This new promotion is called the Christmas Tree Race and it is a two hour event that will be taking place in the 75 ball Red Bingo room every day from 8pm.

The objective of this promotion is to reach the star which is on number 25 at the top of the Christmas tree. For this promotion you need to pick a team to be a part of. The teams that you can choose from are Little Elves, Good Shepherds, Snow Fairies and Santa’s Reindeers. Once you have chosen your team you are ready to take part. Every time one of your team members win a bingo your team will move up the tree by the number on which they bingoed on. For example if they were to bingo on number 2 then your team will move up two squares on the Christmas Tree. The aim is to get to number 25 as quickly as possible.

There is more to this promotion than just this and inside every number square on the Christmas Tree is a surprise. You might be lucky enough to move up more squares or you could see your team move down a bit like snakes and ladders. Obviously if you bingo on number 75 you can’t move up 75 spaces so 123 Bingo have introduced a dice system for the bingo numbers. Your winning number will determine the number of your dice roll and how many squares you move up on the Christmas tree. You can find this on the 123 Bingo Online website so be sure to take a look.

This game will continue every day until one team reaches the top of the Christmas tree and wins the jackpot prize of £100. There is a runner up prize for second place to which is £50. As 123 Bingo have put it, money does grow on trees at their online bingo website.

This is just one of the great Christmas promotions that is running on the 123 Bingo Online website and if you would like to see what else is on offer then all you have to do is check out their promotions page.

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Have you got the itch to play online scratch card games?  These instant win games used to be just additional features on online casinos and online bingo websites but now they are coming into their own.  There are in fact now a number of websites that are dedicated solely to online scratch card games.  The most popular of these websites has to be Scratch 2 Cash and they have paid out some large cash sums already this year.  Their latest payout was £50,000 and all because one player scratched.

Online scratch card games are instant win games where you scratch off panels just like normal scratch cards and if you reveal three matching symbols you win a cash prize.  There are also bingo style scratch cards which are hugely popular too.  You can click a button to reveal all or you can take your time and scratch off each number as it is revealed.  There are some great cash prizes to be won and these types of scratch cards are usually around £1 or £2 each.

Online scratch cards have come a long way this year too and there have been plenty of additions.  Scratch 2 Cash is the main website for these games and their new addition which is called X&O was the game that paid out a whopping £50,000 to one lucky player.  This is in fact the 50th game to be added to their website and as you have probably guessed this is a scratch card based on the ever popular noughts and crosses game.

No matter what theme you can think of you will probably find a scratch card game too.  There are bingo games, horse racing games, Deal or No Deal scratch games and much more.  You can find scratch card games on nearly all online casinos and online gambling websites and of course there are the dedicated websites such as Scratch 2 Cash too.

These games are quick and extremely easy to play and you will know in a matter of seconds if you have managed to scoop the big prize.  Many of these games have some great jackpots up for grabs and winning these could change your life in an instant.  Scratch 2 Cash have paid out over $27 million in prizes during the month of November this year and that is a lot of cash just for scratch card games.  There is no way they could give away this amount of cash if these games were not popular.  The more people play them the more cash ends up being given away.

If you enjoy receiving scratch cards they why not take it to the next level by trying your hand at some great online scratch card games.  You never know when your luck is in and just one win could see your life change forever.

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Gamble Wisely

It seems as if online slots games are a big feature for me this week and with very good reason too.  There are some really great online slots games available and with massive cash jackpots too.  Online slots games are fun to play and extremely easy and this is what makes them so popular.

All Slots Casino announced last week that they have launched four brand new slots games and they have received quite a lot of positive feedback too.  Three of the new games that this online casino has launched are video slots games and one of them is a Christmas themed game which I suppose is rather suitable for this time of the year.  The Christmas themed slots game is called Scrooge Repents and players can win up to 120,000 coins on this game alone.  Now that would be a fantastic Christmas present wouldn’t you say?

The other games that were launched on this online gambling website are Tribal Treasure and Buffet Bonanza and both of these games have received great reviews too.  The other game that was launched was a table game and I haven’t read much about this one although I assume it will be just as successful.  If you are a registered player on the All Slots Casino website maybe you could try it out and let me know in the comment section.

Online slots games are featured on all online casinos and they are also very popular on online bingo websites too.  What makes them so popular with online bingo players is the fact that they help to fill in the time when players are waiting for their next online bingo game to start and this usually takes about a minute and a half.  I have seen reports of online bingo players winning progressive slots jackpots while waiting on their next online bingo game to start.

Online slots games are fast, fun and exciting and because many of them have huge jackpot prizes it is no wonder that they are so popular.  Are you a fan of online slots games?  Have you ever won one of the progressive jackpots?  I have to admit that whilst I do enjoy them the most I have ever won is a couple of thousand but I am still hopeful that one day soon I will bag a progressive jackpot too.

Until next time,

Gamble Wisely

A Switch in Time is the brand new game from Rival Gaming and this game features three separate parts all of which will see players transported through time as they try to win the jackpot prize.  This new game is an iSlot game and it will be previewed on a number of top online casinos.

As I mentioned, this new slots game has three separate parts to it and if you are a registered player on Sloto Cash, Club Vegas USA, Vegas Regal Casino or Ruby Royal you can try it out and see what you think.

The three parts of this new slots game are connected using a time machine and the concept of this game is truly amazing.  In the first part of the game players will travel to the 19th Century where they will by trying to get three time machine symbols which will activate the bonus round feature and allow them to choose where they go next.  It really is amazing to think that you can actually control an online slots game and this is probably what is going to make this new game a huge success.

Players will be able to travel to a prehistoric era where as you can imagine there will be dinosaurs and prehistoric men featured.  Players will also be able to travel into the future too and here they will find aliens and spaceships and a futuristic city.  It sounds absolutely amazing especially when you consider that this is a slots game.  It sounds more like a video game that you would find on the play station.

This new game comes from Rival Gaming and one of the great things about the Rival Gaming casinos is that fact that they accept players from the United States.   This game is available on selected online casinos only at the moment but I think it is probably well worth signing up for any of these casinos just to get a chance to play this fantastic new slots game.  I am not sure what type of jackpots are available but I imagine that they are excellent especially when you consider the amount of work and creativity that has gone into the creation of this new slots game.

If you do happen to play this game why not let me know what you think of it.

Until next time,

Gamble Wisely

One of the most popular online casino features has to be progressive slots games.  These are slots games that usually have an enormous jackpot up for grabs.  This progressive jackpot increases every time players play this game and if you happen to scoop the big prize you can become an instant millionaire in many cases.  There have been numerous reports throughout 2009 of online gamblers winning on these progressive slots games and winning life changing amounts of money.

Progressive slots games are very popular but in order to win the progressive jackpot you need to be prepared to spend some cash.  The progressive jackpot does not kick in unless you are betting the maximum amount and playing on all the pay lines.  This means that if you are playing on a 5 reel slots game that has 15 pay lines and the maximum bet per pay line is 15 cent then you will need to be using all 15 pay lines and betting 15 cent per pay line which is $2.25 per spin.  This can quickly turn into a lot of cash being spent but if you scoop the big prize it really is worth it.

If you are playing on a progressive jackpot slots game and you are only betting the minimum amount you might hit the jackpot but the payout will not be the amount that has been accumulated in the progressive jackpot.  It is important when playing a progressive slots game that you take a look at the pay table as this will allow you to see the different between the payouts for the maximum and minimum bets.  I have to admit, that it is very easy to build up a large amount of cash in a very short time playing using the maximum bet but it is also very easy to lose it all again in a matter of minutes too.

Progressive slots games can be found on most online casinos and they are also featured on online bingo websites too.  They are always very popular and the jackpot tends to increase quite quickly too.  It really is a matter of pure luck as to whether you hit the lucky symbols but most of these online slots games also have some additional features included too such as free spins and multipliers and scatter symbols that allow you to win some additional cash.

As always you should be wise and remember that online gambling is still gambling and you need to watch what you are spending.  It is very easy to overspend on slots games so it is very wise to set yourself a limit and stick to it.

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Online gambling is a huge industry and it seems to have gone from strength to strength.  There are plenty of ways that people can gamble online and these include online casino games, online bingo games, and even online sports betting.

Online casinos allow players to gamble in a number of ways.  There are a huge range of games that players can choose from and the majority of online casinos give players who register with them some free cash too.  This free cash will either be in the form of a no deposit bonus or a deposit bonus.

A no deposit bonus is where new players who register with an online casino will be given some free cash to try out there games.  There are some terms and conditions that players must adhere to and this free cash cannot be withdrawn.  In order to be eligible for withdrawal players must meet a wagering requirement.  A deposit bonus is a bonus that online casinos give to new players who deposit cash into their account.  These deposit bonuses can range from 100% up to 300% and many have a monetary limit as well.

Online casinos offer the online gambling enthusiast a wide range of games too.  You will find classic table games, online roulette, online blackjack school, online poker, online slots games and much more.  Online poker and online slots are probably the most popular games when it comes to online gambling.  Progressive slots games offer huge rewards and in many cases players can become instant millionaires if they happen to hit the jackpot.

Online poker is another hugely popular game for the online gambling enthusiast and there are a number of excellent tournaments that take place during the year for online poker players.  These tournaments offer huge cash rewards too and feature a number of top professional poker players too.

When it comes to online gambling it really boils down to a matter of choice and preference and only you can decide what games suit you.  For fun and entertainment online bingo games seem to be extremely popular but when it comes to skill and strategies online poker and online rummy seem to be on top.

No matter what type of online gambling you want to do you are guaranteed to find an online gambling game that will meet your requirements.

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