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SlotLand Is A Big Winner In 2009

Slotland has really been massive this year especially when it comes to online gambling websites who have paid out huge progressive jackpots.  This online slots and video poker website has had so many progressive jackpot wins this year that it is easy to see why they come out tops for 2009.

Their latest game Reel Riot which is an online slots game produced two progressive jackpot winners less than one month after each other.  One of the winners took home $85,800 and the other winner took home $87,220. The two wins came less than one month after each other and this just goes to show how popular this online gambling website is.  In October of this year another lucky player took home a whopping $175,000 after winning on one of their video poker games.

Slotland were used to predicting that their jackpots were won every six weeks or so but in recent months the jackpots have been won more frequently.  Slotland offers 15 one of a kind instant play slots and video pokers games on their website.  Six of these titles can also be accessed using a mobile phone or PDA and this has been a huge success.  All of the games on this online gambling website are tied to one progressive jackpot and once won this jackpot is reset to $50,000.

Reel Riot is the newest game to be added to this online gambling website and this is a single pay line slots game that features some really great retro graphics.  It was launched last summer and it has a double wild bonus symbol and a special hold feature too.  This new game has been extremely popular and it is no surprise that the progressive jackpot was claimed on this game.

With so many wins during 2009 I really can’t wait to see what Slotland will have in store for their players in 2010.  Will their progressive jackpots continue to be won so frequently or will we see some really big progressive jackpots wins on this online gambling website?  If you are looking for a great online gambling website that offers a fantastic chance of winning a progressive jackpot then this really has to be the website that you need to sign up for.  They have had an amazing run of wins in the past couple of months and I can’t see 2010 being any different.

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