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Online Gambling Frauds Caught

This story broke during last week but in case you haven’t read about it I thought I would do a post on it.  It really does go to show that there are fraudulent online casinos and why it is important that you sign up with a reputable online casino before you part with any of your hard earned money.

This story takes place in Israel where police have arrested five suspects that they believe are responsible for the illegal online gambling website known as Internet1x2.  This website is said to have operated out of a luxury villa in Belize.

According to authorities this illegal online gambling website specifically targeted Israelis and they had a server that was based in the Baltic nation of Estonia.  If that isn’t bad enough it is reported that this fraudulent online casino has taken in over half a million in illegal revenues.

Two of the people who were arrested were brothers and these two are the supposed masterminds behind the operation.  They actually employed dozens of Israelis including female card dealers that used webcams to interact with gamblers in Israel.  One of the brothers is suspected of running the Belize property from his home in England and the other brother who carried out the collection duties is said to have done this from Tel Aviv.

According to reports the Internet1x2 website offering a wide range of gambling options to players and all the wagers that were placed by credit cards were being placed directly into the bank accounts of the two brothers.  Police have stated that the suspects could be charged with money laundering and a series of tax violations too not to mention gambling charges.

This is big news at the moment and it really does go to show that illegal gambling is going on and just how careful you need to be with your money and the online gambling website you choose.  This online gambling website may just have been targeting people from Israel but they could have just as easily been targeting other countries too.  Imagine spending your money on an online gambling website and having it go into someone else’s bank account.  How did they think there were going to get away with it?

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