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The online casino UB has just announced a new edition to their Team UK squad. This squad of sponsored professional poker players will now include top pro Eric Baldwin. Baldwin has been phenomenal over the past twelve months having earned over $1.5 million playing poker. At only 26 years of age, Baldwin was named as the 2009 Player of the Year by Card Player magazine.

Mr. Baldwin who is was born in Illinois has featured in 17 final tables over the past year and won four tournaments including a World Series of Poker bracelet in the $1,500 no limit hold’em event for $521,932. According to the Cardroom Consultant for UB Ms. Annie Duke, it seems that Eric Baldwin isn’t just a new UB pro it seems he is in fact UB. Mr. Baldwin it seems loves the game of poker more than anything else and he players to win and is respected for the passion he shows at the tables. UB are ecstatic to have this Player of the Year join their team.

UB has recently been rebranded as Ultimate Bet and they have revealed that Eric Baldwin would be competing under the moniker “eric_baldwin”. If you want to find out where he is playing all you have to do as an online poker player is to employ this website’s free Ultimate Buddy feature. This feature will allow you to see exactly where this professional player is playing and you can then join in the online poker fun too.

Eric Baldwin has stated that he is eager to be a part of UB’s new brand direction and he also stated that he weighed up carefully his sponsorship opportunities over the last couple of months and after meeting with UB officials and the other Team UB pros it was very clear that UB was the perfect fit for him.

If you would like the opportunity to play against the Player of the Year 2009 then all you have to do is visit the Ultimate Bet website where you will find all the details of how you can compete in some great online poker tournaments with this amazing player. Remember in order to play with the Team UB pros you will need to be a member of the Ultimate Bet website and signing up for an account is as always free.

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Ladbrokes is a really successful online casino and they are getting ready to launch a brand new Ladbrokes domain that will be especially for players in Italy. For all the Italian fans of Texas hold’em this is great news because Ladbrokes will be adding online poker to its sports betting website Ladbrokes.it. This new additional will be happening early in the New Year so stay tuned for more information as I get it.

Ladbrokes which is a British operator has received a license from the Italian regulator Amministrazione Autonoma Dei Monopoli Di Stato and this means that they can get ready to launch their dedicated Italian online poker service early in January 2010.

Ladbrokes have stated that this brand new service will only be available to Italian players and this is in accordance with local regulations. These regulations also state that all competitions on the new website have to be tournaments rather than cash games. According to a statement from Ladbrokes, the regulated Italian gambling market is expected to be the biggest in Europe this year with online regulated poker expected to generate €2.2 billion.

Regulated poker in Italy is set to generate €280 million in gross revenues for operators for 2009 and with the regulations set to allow cash games and casino gaming this market is expected to generate gross revenues of approximately €630 million in 2010 and rising to almost €800 million by 2010.

Ladbrokes launched their Italian sports book website last year and according to them they are planning to expand this service so that they can offer online bingo and online casino games over the next couple of months. Ladbrokes have stated that they are committed to expanding the international reach of their online business and Italy is a great regulated market opportunity for them. They are hoping that further positive changes in regulations in Italy will allow them to further expand their product range and launch cash game in online poker and online bingo in 2010.

It looks like Ladbrokes have some great plans for expansion during 2010 and this could be the start of popular online casino websites moving into Italy during 2010. If more countries chance their regulations in 2010 there could be a lot more to look out for too.

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All Slots Casino is one of the leading online slots website and they were delighted to announce recently that one of their lucky mobile players won over ten thousand dollars whilst playing their popular Tomb Raider slots game. Tomb Raider is a very popular online casino game and it is also available for players in the All Slots Mobile Casino. This online slots game is featured on most online casinos and it is a progressive slots game that can pay out huge sums of cash.

All Slots Casino is a member of the Jackpot Factory Group. The lucky player who won over $10,000 whilst playing on their mobile casino was from South Africa and went by the username of Karin D. This lucky player scooped a massive $10,225 on the Tomb Raider slots via her nokia mobile phone. This player has only been playing on the All Slots website for a little over a month and the win is a huge surprise.

All Slots Casino is powered by Microgaming and they have stated that they are delighted with their mobile service and that they pride themselves on offering players fair play, honesty and fast payouts. The lucky winner of the $10,225 was delighted with her win and she complimented the mobile casino on her extremely positive communications with the support centre. She stated that they were extremely helpful and very professional.

All Slots Casino has been behind a number of great jackpot wins already this year and this win via their mobile casino is great. Mobile gambling has been thriving during 2009 with more and more online casinos launching mobile versions too. It really is great to read and write about a mobile casino win too. There is a wide range of compatibility with mobile phones when it comes to these mobile casinos and with the constant advances in mobile technology mobile gambling is set to get even better. We can expect to see big things from the mobile casino industry in 2010 and with All Slots Casino already proving that players can win big via their mobile phones I’m sure it will lead to more and more players signing up for mobile casino accounts too.

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Giggle Bingo which is a Microgaming powered online bingo website launched earlier this year. This is a popular online bingo website and they also have progressive jackpots. The good news is that they have just awarded their very first progressive jackpot win. The winner of the progressive jackpot was a brand new online bingo player and they only opened their account three days before their big win.

The winning player goes by the username Graham14 and took home the progressive jackpot prize of £1,364. The win was made in the Snickers Room of this online bingo website and the game was a 90 ball bingo game. After the win the progressive jackpot was reset to £500.

Giggle Bingo has both 90 ball and 75 ball bingo rooms and each of these rooms has five different games. The progressive jackpot on this online bingo website has already reached over £700 so if you fancy getting your hands on the second progressive jackpot on the Giggle Bingo website then be sure to sign up for an account now.

According to the progressive jackpot winner the win was a complete surprise especially considering that they only signed up a couple of days before the big win. The progressive jackpot has no limit and this means that you could win very big.

Giggle Bingo is still a relatively new online bingo website but they are certainly making headway in the UK online bingo market. They offer their players some great bonus opportunities and they also have some great weekly and monthly online bingo promotions. One of these great promotions is the fact that they offer a £10 free sign up bonus for all new players as well as a 200% bonus on the first deposit that they make. They also have the excellent Bingo Ball For Life promotion which offers all the online bingo players the chance to win their share of a weekly £1,000 jackpot offered Giggle Bingo.

If you haven’t signed up for an account on this online bingo website just yet then a free £10 signup bonus might just change your mind.

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Slotland has really been massive this year especially when it comes to online gambling websites who have paid out huge progressive jackpots.  This online slots and video poker website has had so many progressive jackpot wins this year that it is easy to see why they come out tops for 2009.

Their latest game Reel Riot which is an online slots game produced two progressive jackpot winners less than one month after each other.  One of the winners took home $85,800 and the other winner took home $87,220. The two wins came less than one month after each other and this just goes to show how popular this online gambling website is.  In October of this year another lucky player took home a whopping $175,000 after winning on one of their video poker games.

Slotland were used to predicting that their jackpots were won every six weeks or so but in recent months the jackpots have been won more frequently.  Slotland offers 15 one of a kind instant play slots and video pokers games on their website.  Six of these titles can also be accessed using a mobile phone or PDA and this has been a huge success.  All of the games on this online gambling website are tied to one progressive jackpot and once won this jackpot is reset to $50,000.

Reel Riot is the newest game to be added to this online gambling website and this is a single pay line slots game that features some really great retro graphics.  It was launched last summer and it has a double wild bonus symbol and a special hold feature too.  This new game has been extremely popular and it is no surprise that the progressive jackpot was claimed on this game.

With so many wins during 2009 I really can’t wait to see what Slotland will have in store for their players in 2010.  Will their progressive jackpots continue to be won so frequently or will we see some really big progressive jackpots wins on this online gambling website?  If you are looking for a great online gambling website that offers a fantastic chance of winning a progressive jackpot then this really has to be the website that you need to sign up for.  They have had an amazing run of wins in the past couple of months and I can’t see 2010 being any different.

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The Swedish firm Jadestone Networks is the company responsible for the GameArena player to player gaming network and they have just announced the addition of a new game bringing their total to 22.  Maxi Yatzy was added to the GamArena network and this means that players now have 22 titles that they can choose from.

GamArena was launched in 2006 and it has become one to the world’s most popular cash skill gaming networks.  Jadestone who is responsible for this is also responsible for the Dice Arena gaming system which is another extremely popular gaming network.

The newest addition to the GamArea network is Maxi Yatzy and this a new take on the traditional Yatzy game.  This new version offers players some great variations including head to head games, countdown tournaments and there are jackpots available in 25 different languages.  You can find all the details of this brand new game on the GamArena website and any of the online gambling websites that distribute these games.

According to a spokesperson for Jadestone they already knew that their yatzy game was extremely popular and they are confident that the new enhanced version will be just as successful.  By adding this game Jadestone have enhanced their uniqueness and they continue to lead the industry when it comes to player to player skill games.  They offer the biggest and most polished games catalogue and their games continue to be a huge success.  The Jadestone Networks have a hugely successful business to business network of partners and these companies help to successfully market their games and their brand.

GamArena consistently attracts and excellent online player audience and their Halloween progressive jackpot which was courtesy of the Scarab Solitaire game paid out more than €20,000 and there is set to be a lot more to come in 2010.  Some of the operators that currently distribute the GamArena games are Bwin, PAF, Nordic Bet and Unibet.  If you are interested in trying out any of the excellent 22 titles that GamArena offer then all you have to do is visit any of these online gambling websites.

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Online casino Win A Day is breaking a lot of records this year.  They have just announced that their jackpot has been won for the fifth time this year.  This in itself is amazing but better yet is the fact that this latest win is the largest jackpot that they have ever paid out.  This huge jackpot prize was a whopping $198,180 and it came courtesy of the Heavenly Reels game which is one of the nine great titles that is offered by this online casino website.

The Heavenly Reels slots game is a four pay lines slot and it features heavenly cherubs.  This slots title was launched on the Win A Day website in October of last year.  This slots game also features angel wings spinning on its wheels and it is tied to the same progressive jackpot as all the other games on the Win A Day website.

According to Win A Day the unnamed winner is a regular on their sister website Slotland and had only recently tried the games on the Win A Day website.  According to the winner they had been playing for a while on the night in question and they had just about reached their set limit to.  The winner stated that they were daydreaming about things that they had to do the next day and then when they looked at the screen they just couldn’t believe their eyes.  The winner stated that they just stared at the huge number on their screen before finally realising that they had won the jackpot.  The winner also went on to say that usually they prefer to play their few favourite games but on this occasion they are absolutely thrilled to have tried something new.  They also stated that the timing was perfect what with Christmas so close and there would be plenty of ways to spend this money.

This is the first time that the progressive jackpot has been won through the Heavenly Reels game and the jackpot on this game has now been reset to $30,000.  According to Win A Day there really is no reason why this progressive jackpot couldn’t be hit again before Christmas and that would mean that another player could celebrate in style too.

The jackpot usually gets to around $150,000 before it is won and this was the largest ever on the Win A Day website.  If large progressive jackpots are what you are looking for then maybe it’s time you started playing on the Win A Day website too.

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This story broke during last week but in case you haven’t read about it I thought I would do a post on it.  It really does go to show that there are fraudulent online casinos and why it is important that you sign up with a reputable online casino before you part with any of your hard earned money.

This story takes place in Israel where police have arrested five suspects that they believe are responsible for the illegal online gambling website known as Internet1x2.  This website is said to have operated out of a luxury villa in Belize.

According to authorities this illegal online gambling website specifically targeted Israelis and they had a server that was based in the Baltic nation of Estonia.  If that isn’t bad enough it is reported that this fraudulent online casino has taken in over half a million in illegal revenues.

Two of the people who were arrested were brothers and these two are the supposed masterminds behind the operation.  They actually employed dozens of Israelis including female card dealers that used webcams to interact with gamblers in Israel.  One of the brothers is suspected of running the Belize property from his home in England and the other brother who carried out the collection duties is said to have done this from Tel Aviv.

According to reports the Internet1x2 website offering a wide range of gambling options to players and all the wagers that were placed by credit cards were being placed directly into the bank accounts of the two brothers.  Police have stated that the suspects could be charged with money laundering and a series of tax violations too not to mention gambling charges.

This is big news at the moment and it really does go to show that illegal gambling is going on and just how careful you need to be with your money and the online gambling website you choose.  This online gambling website may just have been targeting people from Israel but they could have just as easily been targeting other countries too.  Imagine spending your money on an online gambling website and having it go into someone else’s bank account.  How did they think there were going to get away with it?

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mSlots is a new mobile gambling website and it is the brainchild of mobile gambling newcomer LMGi Limited.  They have just signed a White Label licensing deal with Cometa Wireless Limited which will allow them to bring five great new arcade and casino style slots games to their mobile gambling website.

Cometa which holds a UK remote gambling license will be operating mSlots of behalf of LMGi and they have stated that this mobile gambling website will also feature one or two traditional mobile casino and bingo games too which will make it appealing to all the online gambling community.  Players who are fond on online bingo games will be able to play on their mobiles and try out different online gambling games too and the same goes for online slots games lovers.  They will be able to try their hand at online bingo games.

According to Paul Stewart of LMGi working with Cometa has been very easy and it has provided LMGi with everything they need to enter the ever growing mobile gambling industry.  He also stated that Cometa’s new White Label will be used first on mSlots and he stated that it is the best out there.

Other games to be included on the mSlots mobile gambling website include the popular Casino Viper which is a 5 reel slots game with 20 pay lines.  This is a newer version of the Viper Active slots game.  Another popular slots game that will feature on this website is 777 Heaven which is a traditional UK style fruit machine game.  The mSlots mobile gambling website will also get to feature Cometa’s new scratch card game too.

According to Cometa they are delighted with this new deal and it provides them with a fantastic way to introduce five new games on their White Label website.  They are also extremely excited about their new scratch card game too and this will allow their clients to easily create a upload new topical themes that will keep this game fresh too.

The mobile gambling market is growing rapidly each month and there was over £2.5 million spent in wagering bets in the second quarter of 2009 alone.  With these statistics you can bet that 2010 will be another very profitable year for this industry too.

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Players who play on any of the Gala Coral websites will be delighted to hear that they will soon be able to enjoy some great new instant win side games.  This is all thanks to a deal that has been signed between GTECH G2 and Gala Coral and these new side games will be implemented on Gala Bingo, Gala Casino, Euro Bet and Coral.

This newly signed deal will see side games including Electroncoin’s iconic Bar X Magic 7 slot machine game.  It will be Dynamite Idea who will be providing Gala Coral with these great side games and they are one of the four leading iGaming firms that comprise GTECH G2.  Other great side games to follow will include Bar X5 and Bar X125 and there will be many more added before the end of the year too.

Instant win side games are a great way for online gambling websites to supplement their revenue streams and many of these online gambling websites actually earn up to 70% of their income from these side games too.

Bar X is an extremely popular brand of slots games and it has been around for 30 years.  The introduction of an online version of this popular game is set to be huge with the British population too and many of them will be familiar with the original version as they have been featured in bingo halls and arcades throughout the UK.

The online version of the Bar X Magic 7 is a 3 reel slots game with a single pay line.  It features fruit symbols and has been developed by the game designers at Dynamite Idea.  This company specialises in developing innovative online gambling games including a number of unique hi-lo, dice and number games.

If these new instant win games sound like something that you would be interested in then all you have to do is visit any of the Gala Coral websites and see them live for yourself.  Who knows you might even win a great cash prize while you’re there too.

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