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Playing Online Casino Games with Live Dealers Pros and Cons

What are the pros and cons of playing online casino games with a live dealer, like at the www.viva9988.com? For the longest time that online casinos have been around, skeptics about the fairness of the games are always around, despite their efforts to using the most trusted random number generators (RNGs).

Common Bad Bets to Avoid when Playing Craps Online

The great thing about a trip to Las Vegas is the sheer number and variety of games to play. Whether you prefer the classic casino table games such as cards, dice and roulette, or if video poker and slots is more up your street, there's a new chance to win big at every moment.

Royal Vegas Casino Review

The great thing about a trip to Las Vegas is the sheer number and variety of games to play. Whether you prefer the classic casino table games such as cards, dice and roulette, or if video poker and slots is more up your street, there's a new chance to win big at every moment.

Naughty or Nice? No matter - you'll be welcome at the Royal Vegas anyway

If there is one thing I will always associate with Royal Vegas Online Casino is its promotions. Not its welcome bonus and other deposit matches - those are quite similar at any online casino. But its monthly promotions are some of the most spectacular, most memorable ones you can see anywhere in the industry.

Understanding the House Edge

When you place a bet on a casino game, do you consider the probabilities of you winning? It’s possible you’ve run loads of scenarios in your mind, thinking about the amount of cash that’s up for grabs. However high your odds of winning are, did you know that the casino itself has an advantage of its own via the bets you place? This is referred to as the house edge.

Free casino no deposit

You just have to visit any online casino related site and you can find a wide range of promotions and bonuses available. It won’t take long before you can start seeing some nice profits and in order to do that it’s always best that you sign up for those websites that hold a free casino no deposit bonus. These bonuses have started to become more and more popular especially since they are able to bring benefits to both the players and the online casinos.

Bingo Extra

Have you ever been on a bingo site that took you back in time where everything is simple? We have been on such a journey where the hands of time were turned back to the 50’s and this online bingo site is called Bingoextra.com. This marvellous bingo site is themed on the golden era of the fifties where the visual will make you experience the feeling of those good ol’ days. New players can earn £10 free + 50 Free Spins just by signing up at Bingo Extra with no deposit required, whereas first time depositors can grab 300% as bingo bonus + 10 free spins if they love to bingo or 100% as slots bonus + 100 free spins if they are instant games fans.

The top progressive jackpot slots

Before slot machines appeared online, those were played at land based casinos. The first ever slot game is, of course, the Liberty Bell, one of the most famous game in history. With the quite impressive novelties that occurred in the gaming world, slot machines came with colossal jackpots. One of the most famous progressive slots in Las Vegas would be Lion's Share, the jackpot that hasn't been won for over 20 years and was harbouring more than $2.3 million, recently won by a retired couple!

Short Guide to Online Casino Bonuses

One of the most effective tools used by online casinos to attract new players are their bonuses - especially those they offer their new players right after they register an account. The experienced casino players already know how these bonuses work, but uninitiated players often make the mistake of not doing their homework, and go head on into something they don't know a thing about.

Playing online slots

When it comes to playing online slots there are literally thousands of sites where you can enjoy the thrills and spills of spinning the reels, some sites offer an amazing array of multi-reel, multi-line slots that include amazing sub-games, crazy features and whopping jackpots. However the question is, how do you go about choosing the best slots site on the internet?

How to Become a Pro in Roulette Games

There is a perception that roulette games are everything to do with chance. It is a fact that the games are based on chance, but you create the favor to be on your side. Some players win more than others do and that is clear proof that there is expertise and passion required. So how to do gain the expertise and become a pro?

Online Gambling

Gambling over the internet has continuously been able to attract millions of people and all this assured a never ending growth of this industry. This is happening as there are many benefits that the players get when they start doing all the gambling over the internet, compared to what’s normally available at a land based establishment.

Play online poker

The internet has managed to change the way we live our life. Gone are the days when the only way we could play poker was when we met our friends and organized the poker nights, or by going to the local casino that organized poker games.

Online casino blackjack

When you decide to make the switch to online casino blackjack, there are plenty of advantages and incentives that should keep you interested. One of the main top benefits is that you no longer have to go all the way to the local casino in order to play your favorite game.

Mobile Is The New Casino

Sports book giant William Hill recently reported that PC-only users, those on a desktop or laptop, represented less than half of its online customer base after a 2013 performance study. Smartphone and tablet use took over the otherwise traditional method of logging-on and gaming.

Real Money Online Poker

The great majority of poker sites allows you to play for free in order to achieve the basic skills of the poker game without the stress caused by the possibility of losing money. However, once they learned the basics of poker rules and strategy; the majority of players will prefer to play for real money.

Online Casinos

That there are online casinos on the internet is nothing new. The moment the internet started becoming a mainstream feature in people’s household, online casino’s raised their heads and started offering all sorts of casino games in their virtual form. Initially they looked a bit amateuristic, but as the years passed, the graphics became more and more professional and more and more attractive.

A Mind for Gambling

Every single one of the casino games you come up against while playing through your free Unibet bonus will have its own set of rules and strategies. Indeed, if you're playing blackjack then you should learn how to count cards but if roulette is your game of choice then known which sections to bet on is essential. However, while these considerations will change depending on the setting you're in, one thing remains constant during any gambling endeavour: your mind.

How to Increase Your Roulette Knowledge

Did you know that there are two different types of standard roulette wheels? Did you know that the betting options in roulette are organised between 'inside' and 'outside' bets? Did you know that making a bet known as 'The Basket' is the worst bet that you could possibly make when playing roulette?

Start Your Casino Experience Here

Casual gamers everywhere are starting to enjoy the experience of online casinos. Whether you're a fan of poker, blackjack or slot machines, these sites have something for everyone to love. One of the most popular venues online is William Hill VEGAS, which offers games, promotions and bonuses beyond count. If you're looking to join the online gaming trend, you might as well start your casino experience here!

Online Slots: Simple Game, Amazing Visuals!

Casino slot machines have truly come a long way since its inception in the late 1800s. The fact alone that this popular game has been around during that time can be mind-boggling to most people. One can consider the slot machine as a heritage because of the astounding evolution and improvement that it underwent. From the traditional and antique slot machines, to the computerized versions mostly seen in casinos today, up to the slots online that people play in their personal computers---we can say that the game of slots have definitely changed, and for the better!

Welcome Metro Play to the World of Online Casinos

Online casino sites and apps are some of the most popular forms of gaming currently available. However, it can be hard to tell the good sites/apps from the bad, and therefore it is important to install and play with a brand you recognise for its high quality. Metro is a respected urban brand that has changed the way its audience engages with city life, and because of this reputation Metro has released Metro Play Casino for computers, mobiles and tablets

American Roulette at Betfair

If you've been to the Betfair casino then you know that Betfair strives to provide the best selection of games to their clientele. Their roulette offerings are no exception. When playing Betfair Roulette online, players have many options in the particular roulette game they wish to play. One kind of roulette they offer is the game of American Roulette. While this version is more popular across the pond in the States, some people enjoy playing it simply because it offers larger payouts than other versions.

SlotsVille Casino Review

SlotsVille Casino is a new premium online casino that is considered to be the revelation of the year 2011. Even if their name might not be as popular as other casinos out there, this website is owned and operated by one of the most trusted and reliable online gambling groups in the industry: Isagro Holding. They are powered by the Real Time Gaming software and they are also a sister site of other important online casinos like: Oasis casino, Cherry Red and Rushmore Casino.

Pure Vegas Casino Review

Pure Vegas Casino is one of the latest additions to the online gambling world. This online casino is powered by Real Time Gaming (RTG) and it was launched in September 2009.

Just like any RTG skin, you will get the chance to use any of the two versions of the software available: The no download and the downloadable version.

888 Casino Review

This site is a base site for all of the gaming sites the make up the 888 gaming sites. From this site you can go to a sportsbook, bingo, poker or a casino. For this reason and the bonuses that are offered, this site gets a great deal of play by new players. This gaming brand of 888 has made this site and the four gaming operations associated with this name a household name in the online gaming world. This site is truly a full-scale operation since it covers all of the major gaming operations that are found on the Internet.

Bingo777 Bingo Review

This site features several types of bingo as well as some side games. The player can play in guaranteed jackpot games as well as games that depend on the number of players. There are a number of games with really decent guarantees. The bingo games are offered in 75-ball and 90-ball versions. This site has most of the popular forms of bingo and also very good chat rooms.