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American Roulette at Betfair

If you've been to the Betfair casino then you know that Betfair strives to provide the best selection of games to their clientele. Their roulette offerings are no exception. When playing Betfair Roulette online, players have many options in the particular roulette game they wish to play. One kind of roulette they offer is the game of American Roulette. While this version is more popular across the pond in the States, some people enjoy playing it simply because it offers larger payouts than other versions.

One of the most distinctive features of American Roulette is the wheel that it uses. Unlike other versions of the roulette wheel, the American wheel has the most numbers. There are a total of 38 pockets found on the roulette wheel. These numbers include 1 through 36. Also, the wheel features a zero and a double zero. Some refer to the American Roulette game as Double Zero Roulette due to this additional number.

Despite the different wheel used in American roulette, the game is played relatively the same way as its European cousin, although the European roulette wheel does feature one less number - there is no double zero. Therefore, the house's edge is reduced by half in that version. However, since there is more risk involved in American roulette, the potential for some hefty payouts exists. For this reason, many players will choose the American Roulette game at the Betfair site.

All of the same bets used in other roulette games, with the exception of French roulette, apply to American roulette. The two main bet types are inside and outside bets. The name of course refers to their location on the roulette wheel. Straight bets usually pay out the most at 35:1.