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Noble Poker Will Award $1,000,000

Noble Poker Will Award $1,000,000 to Best Player in $10 Sit & Go Tournaments Sit and Go tournaments have become popular in recent years. Due to their popularity, the jackpot prizes of these have become immense. Recently, a jackpot prize of one million dollars has been offered by Noble Poker. As with other tournaments, additional prizes are available to be won by players of the game.

A new promotion has been announced by Noble Poker. It is being referred to as the million dollar sit and go challenge. The object of this promotion is to search and find the very best Sit and Go player in the world. The concept of the tournament is very simple. One million dollars will be awarded to the first player who is able to win seven consecutive ten dollar sit and go tournaments. Obviously, many players will have their eye on the million dollar jackpot; however, there are a number of additional prizes available to players as is the case with other jackpot sit and go tournaments. For the player who wins six tournaments in a row, a prize of seventy five thousand dollars will be awarded. The player who is able to win five consecutive tournaments will be paid twenty five thousand dollars by Noble Poker. If a player is able to finish in one of the two top positions five consecutive times, they will receive three hundred dollars.

The concept of this tournament was first announced by Gamblinggates.com last month. Noble Poker revealed its promotion of the jackpot Sit and Go tournaments. They announced that players would be able to win large prizes playing in Sit and Go tournaments. Below this article, there are appropriate and related news links that can be clicked for more information.

Currently, the jackpot Sit and Go tournaments being offered have lower initial jackpot prizes. These initial prizes are fifteen thousand dollars and twenty five thousand dollars. However, as both prizes are progressive, the sum of the jackpot will increase as more and more players sign up to enter into the tournaments. More than eighteen thousand dollars was awarded to Doug Evanhus from Montana on July 3. He was able to win five consecutive five dollar Sit and Go tournaments. In addition to this cash prize, Doug Evanhus will also be taking a trip to Las Vegas courtesy of Noble Poker. During this trip, he will be able to meet the Noble Poker team at the World Series of Poker.

Jackpot Sit and Go tournaments are extremely popular. Noble Poker understands this. In order to make the most of the concept of these types of tournaments, Noble Poker has decided to expand upon the concept of the game. Until now, Noble Poker has kept their jackpot prizes substantial, but nowhere near the level they are offering for this next level of tournament. The million dollar prize will obviously outshine the previous prizes of fifteen thousand dollars and twenty five thousand dollars.

August 1 is the start date for this new challenge. However, players do have time to practice for Noble Poker's million dollar Sit and Go challenge. It is very easy for players to begin practicing for this main event game. All players need to do is take part in one of the existing jackpot Sit and Go tournaments. These tournaments are referred to as "Maui or Rio". As discussed previously, these Sit and Go tournaments offer the jackpot prizes of fifteen thousand dollars and twenty five thousand dollars. One of the most beneficial aspects of these types of games is the fact that players do not need to invest a great deal of money in order to earn themselves a chance at the jackpot prize.

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