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Nine.com: Sports and Horse Betting

Nine.com: Sports and Horse Betting Plus Full Range of Casino and Poker Products With so many gambling organizations popping up all over the World Wide Web, it can be difficult for gambling enthusiasts to find reputable and rewarding wagering sites. Nine.com offers members convenience, fairness and luxury. When first visiting the site, players are often enthralled by the stylish and lavish environment that has been created. The site offers articles, informational columns, game and event reviews, upcoming tournaments and experiences, photos and a sneak peek at what is going on in the lives of the nine.com Girls. Photographs and video clips are available to keep players entertained. Still, there are a number of serious points to consider when it comes to the site, such as Nine.com's tips for Texas Hold'em.

For beginners as well as experienced gamblers, Nine.com is able to provide sophisticated services regarding sport and horse betting, in addition to a complete line up of casino and poker products. The game rooms on the site pit players against each other to compete for cash prizes. Nine.com offers a great many forms of entertainment such as sports trivia, fantasy games, well-known arcade games and word and memory games.

Nine.com boasts more than nine years of experience with respect to the online entertainment industry. Originally two sports books, Betcom and Mybookie were founded and eventually evolved into the entertainment package now referred to as Nine.com. Not only is the site a well respected line maker boasting many experienced managers, but the site also offers a great deal of experience with respect to offshore sports books experience. Nine.com is a publicly traded company. Not only does this site accept Online Gaming Council Arbitration, but they also clearly and comprehensively list all company policies. In order to help verify legitimacy, watchdog groups have been established to make sure online gaming sites are fair. Two such groups include the Offshore Gaming Association which is located at www.osga.com and Major Wager located at www.majorwager.com. These watchdogs both sponsor Nine.com. In addition to impressive lines and high teaser odds, Nine.com offers competitive customer service and personalized player rewards. Nine.com has everything a player could possibly want and the trust to back up all different types of play.

Nine.com offers their members easy money for referrals. When players introduce their friends and family members to Nine.com and these individuals go on to make a purchase, the player who referred them will earn twenty percent of the new player's initial deposit. It is also worth noting that Nine.com will also reward the new player. They double the new player's first deposit free play bonus. Instead of offering ten percent, they now offer twenty percent. Certain requirements need to be met in order to take part in the referral program.

First, you must have an active Nine.com account prior to receiving your bonus. The new players are required to make an initial deposit of $100 or more. You are required to rollover your bonus five times. Referred friends are required to meet all rollover regulations prior to you becoming eligible to withdraw the bonus. The players you refer must have a different mailing address, e-mail or IP address when compared to you. The granting or denying of bonuses is left up to the discretion of Nine.com's management. Bonus abusers will be disqualified. Deposits may be made through InstaCheck, Visa, Master Card, Netteller or FirePay and withdrawals may be made through Western Union, InstaCheck, Fedex, regular mail check, Netteller of FirePay. While there are so many different gambling sites to consider very few offer the safety, security, entertainment and bonuses as nine.com. Playing on Nine.com is not only smart, it can be extremely financially rewarding. Good luck and enjoy the time that you spend reviewing information and playing on Nine.com.

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