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$100 Bonus Every Month

$100 Bonus Every Month The internet is inundated with vendors. Some venders offer products and others offer services. Online casinos offer entertainment and potential cash prizes. Because there are so many online gambling establishments these vendors are always in competition with each other to draw in more clients. Most of the time, if not all of the time, this works out to the benefit of the player. Nothing draws in a crowd quite like free money. This is especially true when it comes to gamblers. Sands of the Caribbean Online Casino understands the importance of appealing to clients. They also understand that certain incentives must be offered to loyal members in order to keep them active at a casino. This is why Sands of the Caribbean Online Casino is offering members a $100 bonus every month.

The $100 bonus does not require any deposit. The start date of the event is July 1st, 2006 with an end date of July 31st, 2006. Every month that an individual plays at Sands of the Caribbean Online Casino, the organization will credit the player's account with an additional $100 worth of free casino chips. It is important to stress that this promotion does not require a deposit. Additionally, no restrictions have been put in place when it comes to withdrawing the bonus. The only thing players are required to do is play.

Please be aware of the limitations put in place regarding this bonus. The $100 bonus is only available to existing players. Existing players are defined as those individuals who have played at the casino in any prior month. Players who are visiting the casino for the first time are eligible to receive a deposit bonus of one hundred percent of their first initial deposit. Please note that the $100 loyalty bonus will not be available to players accounts which exhibits sign of bonus abuse. Examples of bonus abuse include, but are not limited to, the primary use of promotional funds when wagering, a lack of deposited funds or wagering performed solely to meet minimum bonus requirements. Qualified applicants for the monthly bonus must possess an account which exhibits wagering activity in excess of $6,000 for applicable games within the month. Certain games will not count when it comes to the total amount wagered by the player. Please note that individuals who are qualified to receive the bonus will be credited by 11:30 a.m. EST on the day following account qualification.

Certain games are restricted from counting towards a player's total wagering amount required by the casino in order to cash in any offered promotion. These games include but are not limited to Single and multiplayer European Ritz Club Roulette, Single player and multiplayer Baccarat, single and multiplayer Baccarat VIP European Roulette, and Craps. Beginning January 1st, 2006, every one dollar wagered in certain games will count as fifty cents toward the wagering requirements listed for players who intend to collect on their monthly loyalty promotion or their bonus for referring a friend. These games include Blackjack, regular, multi-player, multi-hand, multi-split, progressive, multi-player progressive and multi-hand progressive versions, Pontoon, single and multi-player versions as well as the single and multi-player versions of Super Fun 21.

Please note that certain players will not be eligible to claim promotions. These promotions include referral bonuses. This stipulation has been put into effect because the casino has noticed extremely high and unacceptable levels of promotion abuse stemming from players of these particular regions. The regions include China, Denmark, Latvia, Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria, Israel, Finland, Hong Kong and the Ukraine. While it is unfortunate that any promotions should be denied to players of a certain area these promotions are designed to be mutually beneficial when it comes to the gambling establishment and the players. Certain steps need to be taken when obscene amounts of players take advantage of certain gambling opportunities.

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